qRICO Technology

Crystallographic imaging with qRICO technology.

Currently, crystallographic imaging can be done with three methods: X-ray, electron or neutron diffraction. All these technologies require very expensive equipment (~1.5M€), specialized laboratories, intricate sample preparation and are limited either in spatial resolution or 3D sample mapping, even in their most sophisticated realizations. Nevertheless, it is known that the utilization of visible light can be used for the determination of crystal orientation. However, nobody has actually been successful in the realization of quantitative orientation analysis – until now. Lightnovo’s technology, called qRICO, is capable of performing 2D and 3D orientation mapping of materials as precise as electron microscopy. The underlying patented approach of Lightnovo's technology solves the shortcomings of current methods, providing qRICO with the potential to replace today's conventional approaches of crystallographic imaging in many areas.