Lightnovo Board of Directors

Erik Mejdal Lauridsen, PhD

Chairman of the Board, CEO at Xnovo Technology ApS

Field of expertise: Innovative business solutions and 3D X-ray imaging.

Anja Boisen, PhD

Founder of Lightnovo and Member of the Board, Head of Sections, Professor at the Department of Health Technology, Technical University of Denmark

Field of expertise: Micromechanics and nanotechnology.

Oleksii Ilchenko, PhD

CEO, CTO and Founder

Field of expertise: Laser-based industry solutions, optics and mechanical engineering, marketing and sales of Raman microscopes.

Yurii Pilhun, PhD

Lead Scientist and Founder

Field of expertise: Computational physics, mathematical algorithms development.

Christian Holzner, PhD

Member of the Board, Director of Product and Business Development at Xnovo Technology ApS

Field of expertise: Technology business development and X-ray microscopy.