Open position

Software engineer


The development of Raman instrumentation requires a lot of software solutions associated with:

  1. automatisation for data acquisition from spectroscopic sensor synchronised with multiple stepper and piezo motors, LEDs, visible camera, shutter, acousto-optical modulator, etc.
  2. Data acquisition process should be supported by real-time data processing like spectrum background correction, smoothing, cosmic ray correction, etc.
  3. Raman microscopy development associated with laser mapping requires real-time visualisation of mapping process with pre-processed data using peak intensity, peak area, spectrum correlation tools.
  4. Obtained data requires post processing for chemical identification and quantification.

This would be the list of tasks for an open position of software engineer. It is important to mention that Lightnovo team already work on all of the listed tasks. However, our software development process requires continues support. For this reason we look for a qualified specialist who wants to help us in our goal of making a difference in Raman instrumentation industry.


Candidate profile

We are looking for a software development expert to support us with:

Short term expectation:
– development of GUI for advanced Raman microscope THOR
– development of GUI for world-smallest Raman microscope miniRaman MRm
– development of GUI for world-smallest Raman spectrometer miniRaman MRs

Long term expectations:
– contribute in software development strategy
– bringing software development expertise and competences to the team


Key qualifications

– proven expertise in software development of complex systems with hardware and software, including scientific and industrial instrumentation, motion system (C++);
– more than 5 years of relevant software development experience
– willingness to support the company goals


Our workspace

Lightnovo has offices and manufacturing facilities in Birkerød, Denmark. Candidate would not need access to Raman instrumentation continuedly. Therefore, we offer an opportunity to work remotely (from any country). Candidate may work in Lightnovo offices in Birkerød if it is required for project development.



If this sounds like you, we would love for you to apply. Please send us your portfolio with relevant experience and CV to info@lightnovo.com