Lightnovo team is grateful to Tran Thuong Dang, Jyoti Shanker Pandey and Zacarias Tecle for the opportunity to cooperate! As a result of work, we are pleased to present a customized system that was installed at Center for Energy Resources Engineering , Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU – Technical University of Denmark.

Customers were looking for custom Raman solution that could cover demanding application focused on the investigation of dynamic processes in methane hydrates under high pressure. System was supposed to have high spectral resolution in the broad spectral range typically required for Raman measurements of gases. Moreover, it should provide recording of the visible image of the sample at microscale that is synchronized with Raman spectrum acquisition.

At Lightnovo ApS we have developed and installed for the customers described solution that was based on our RG Raman microscope product. Custom system has high sensitivity and high spectral resolution (3-5cm-1) in the broad spectral range (50-4000cm-1) from laser excitation at 532nm. Device equipped with visible microscope that could collect microscopic images versus time that are synchronized with Raman data collection. Entire system was customized to fit into customer experimental setup, see photo below.

Many thanks for the new experience! We are looking forward to further cooperation and implementation of joint projects! 

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