Mirrorless Raman

Lightnovo develops and manufactures mirrorless Raman spectrometers and microscopes for:
- consumer;
- industrial;
- and research-grade applications.

Lightnovo Technology

THOR - advanced Raman microscopes

Our advanced Raman microscopes THOR based on mirrorless Raman beam delivery technology ideally suited for most sophisticated applications in Raman microscopy:
- fast 3D Raman imaging and SERS mapping;
- super fast polarized Raman imaging;
- low frequency and stokes/antistokes Raman measurements and many other options.

miniRaman spectrometers - world smallest Raman devices

miniRaman spectrometer is a world smallest and cost-effective Raman spectrometer (35x30x100mm) on the market. It is based on two laser sources: 660nm and 785nm. Due to the unique, patented technology miniRaman spectrometer has very high throughput, wavenumber accuracy and Raman intensity control via in-build reference channel.

miniRaman microscopes - world smallest confocal Raman microscopes

We are proud to present our world smallest confocal Raman microscopes for laser wavelengths: 660nm and 785nm.
They have a foot print of 12x13cm, provide diffraction limited spatial resolution, extremely high throughput and equipped with reflection and transmittance white light microscopy.

Lightnovo Applications


- phase transitions in drugs
- orientation mapping of Si solar cells
- 3D imaging of drugs
- SERS detection of melamine

miniRaman microscope

- SERS detection of MTX
- 3D imaging of ketoprofen and polymers
- SERS detection of BPE
- visible microscopy demonstration

miniRaman spectrometer

- SERS detection of pesticides
- in-vivo skin diagnostics
- liquid identification
- quantification of chemicals

Our recent publications about Raman microscopy


Volumetric Raman chemical imaging of drug delivery systems


Fast and quantitative 2D and 3D orientation mapping using Raman microscopy


Where Is the Drug? Quantitative 3D Distribution Analyses of Confined Drug-Loaded Polymer Matrices

We are funded by

We were funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, Innobooster program for 1.5 years for the development of quantitative crystallographic orientation mapping by Raman microscopy.

Project budget is 2.922.750 kr.

Project details described in sections:



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