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Raman spectrometers and Raman microscopes

Lightnovo is proud to presents

THOR – advanced Raman microscopes

  • mirrorless Raman beam delivery;
  • up to 4 lasers(457nm, 532nm, 633nm, 785nm or custom);
  • diffraction limited resolution;
  • super fast polarized Raman microscopy;
  • low frequency Raman microscopy;
  • fast optical shutter technology (<1ms).

MiniRaman microscopes – world smallest confocal Raman microscopes

  • up to 3 laser sources (660nm and 785nm);
  • motorised 3D stage (travel range 26x26x26mm, closed loop, resolution 100nm);
  • internal battery for in-field operation;
  • data transfer: usb 3.0;
  • operation from PC.

MiniRaman spectrometers – world smallest Raman spectrometers

  • Raman shift and Raman intensity calibration during each acquisition;
  • two laser sources: 660nm and 785nm;
  • internal battery for in-field operation;
  • wire and wireless data transfer;
  • operation from PC and Android.

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