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miniRaman spectrometers – world smallest Raman spectrometers

miniRaman spectrometer is a world smallest and cost-effective Raman spectrometer (35x30x100mm) on the market. It is based on two laser sources: 660nm and 785nm. Due to the unique, patented technology miniRaman spectrometer has very high throughput, wavenumber accuracy and Raman intensity control via in-build reference channel.

miniRaman microscopes – world smallest confocal Raman microscopes

We are proud to present our world smallest confocal Raman microscopes for laser wavelengths: 660nm and 785nm. They have a foot print of 12x13cm, provide diffraction limited spatial resolution, extremely high throughput and equipped with reflection, off-axis and transmittance white light microscopy.

THOR – advanced Raman microscopes

Our advanced Raman microscopes THOR based on mirrorless Raman beam delivery technology ideally suited for most sophisticated applications in Raman microscopy:

  • fast 3D Raman imaging and SERS imaging;
  • super fast polarised Raman imaging;
  • low frequency and stokes/antistokes Raman measurements and many other options.

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Technical notes

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Lightnovo solutions differ by:

  • extremely high throughput from sample to detector;
  • extremely small device footprint;
  • high measurements reproducibility due to the shop optical path and absence of moving parts;
  • accurate wavenumber and Raman intensity calibration during each measured spectrum;
  • artifacts-free polarised Raman microscopy;
  • quantitative Raman based crystallographic orientation mapping (qRICO technology).

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