miniRaman microscope technology

working principle and advantages

miniRaman microscope


sample chamber in miniRaman microscope

Lightnovo is proud to present our world smallest confocal Raman microscopes for laser wavelengths: 660nm and 785nm.

miniRaman microscopes have a foot print of 12x13cm, provide diffraction limited spatial resolution, extremely high throughput and equipped with reflection, off-axis and transmittance white light microscopy. Due to the unique, patented technology miniRaman microscope has very high throughput, wavenumber accuracy and Raman intensity control via in-build reference channel.

miniRaman microscope can be used in up-right microscopy and inverted microscopy configurations. All what is need for exchange between modes – flip the device from top to bottom. miniRaman microscope technology has be developed for Raman microscopy in near IR range from laser source at wavelengths 660 and 785nm.

miniRaman microscope based on our miniRaman spectrometer. Therefore, it makes Raman shift and Raman intensity calibration during each spectrum acquisition. This makes miniRaman microscope much less expensive than typical Raman microscopes with frequency stabilised lasers.

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